Due to the current volatility in market conditions and abnormally low interest rates, Shelter Community Housing Corporation is not accepting applications for housing assistance for the 2021-2022 construction season.

The process to your new home!

Shelter helps provide attainable homeownership to those of us that can’t afford that custom house by matching a quality built home with innovative financing packages.  By helping potential homeowners navigate and receive down payment assistance, principle assistance, and below market rate mortgages, a newly constructed home is within your reach.

Let's get started with the process below.

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    Meet with your mortgage lender to work through the pre-approval.

    Email 1          Email 2          Email 3          Email 4

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    Fill out the Shelter Financial Disclosure Form.

    Click Here.

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    Check out the house plans available for the development from our Partner Builders.


  • Shelter4

    Select your preferred plan and get in touch with the Partner Builder

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    Work with your builder to get construction of your new home scheduled

      • You’ll likely have to sign a purchase agreement on the front end
      • They’ll help steer you toward/through interior and exterior finish options that they may have available.
      • You WON’T have to take out the construction loan – they’ll handle that part for you!
      • You’ll have a clear idea of schedule and proposed closing before they get started.

  • Shelter6

    Notify Shelter of Anticipated Construction Completion

    Your builder will let Shelter know your anticipated construction completion so Shelter can work on packaging any needed/applicable grants & subsidies.

  • Shelter7

    Time for a meeting

    Shelter, you as the Owner, and your Mortgage Lender will meet to finalize how financing will be packaged. We’ll discuss terms, what your payments will look like, and what you need to know about restrictions on the programs we’re using.

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    Construction completion, final punch-list, final cleaning, & closing! Welcome home!

What else do we need to know?

Not much! This guide has all the links you need to walk through the process at your own pace!


What documents should we have ready?

Your mortgage lender and selected Partner Builder will tell you everything you need to provide for them, and all of our documents for Shelter are linked right here, so you should be in great shape. In most cases, you’ll have 3-4 people that you work with throughout the process, and that team will truly take care of pretty much everything for you!