Due to the current volatility in market conditions and abnormally low interest rates, Shelter Community Housing Corporation is not accepting applications for housing assistance for the 2021-2022 construction season.

Welcome to the future of attainable housing.

Shelter exists to support rural families and economic developers in the creation of attainable workforce and senior housing.  These solutions can also be scaled to meet the needs of our major employers and the rural communities that they call home.



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The Goal

Shelter's goal is to help every rural household achieve the dream of homeownership.  We meet these lofty goals by reimagining the homebuying process.  At Shelter our job is to match a family's size and monthly housing budget to a high-quality, newly constructed home that they can enjoy for a lifetime.  By bundling funds from trusted partners such as South Dakota Housing Development Authority and others, a conventional mortgage product from a local banking partner is utilized to match your family's monthly housing budget to the final home price.  Additionally, we are leveraging our Partner Builders to ensure that a new homeowner never has to request construction financing. 

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Our Vision

Shelter doesn't believe in an old-fashioned affordable housing model.  We believe that our workforce deserves housing that is high quality and attainable in every rural community, no matter how small.  This means each of the homes developed by Shelter is built with high quality materials that require minimal maintenance.  Depending on your floor plan of choice, some of our Partner Builders even offer the ability to customize your new home with preselected interior and exterior finish packages to allow you to achieve that custom look without the hassle of picking cabinet pulls or shingle colors.

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Quality is Key

Still not convinced of product quality?

    1. Composite siding; check.
    2. 2x6 construction; check.
    3. Attached garage; check.
    4. High quality kitchen appliances; check, check, check.

It's all a part of the package.  Each of the homes constructed by our Partner Builders even undergoes rigorous quality assurance overseen by Shelter's design professionals including a licensed architect and a licensed engineer.

Welcome to the future of attainable housing. Welcome to Shelter Community Housing Corporation.

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